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Byron was the master of the house, a true Alpha.  He was affectionately called, Lord Byron.  He was a red brindle and loved to rest his head on people's feet.  Byron sired 23 lovely pups, many of which went on to earn their Championship. One even earned the distinction of being "Best Puppy in Show".  While Byron was still a youngster, at the tender age of six, he suffered an accident that restricted his activities to a wheel cart when he was out and about.  His disability did not slow him down though and he loved life.  He thought of himself as the Ranch Foreman, in fact so did we.  Byron left us at the tender age of just under 11 years.  He is missed by all, and has left his mark forever here at Welgem and through his offspring...

Byron    (CH Robinhood's Dusty Diamond) 12 January 1996 to 31 October 2006


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Without a doubt Squeaky (commonly known among her peers as "The Squeak") was the most affectionate Cardigan in the world.  This was a Cardi that simply loved to cuddle, and we do mean cuddle.  A real home body who would much rather be curled up in the armchair with her masters (especially Lynn) while the other guys are outside playing; but don't let that fool you, she was also revered by the other gals in the house as the queen of her domain, even at the age of nearly fourteen.  It is hard to tell who she loved to cuddle with more - Lynn, or Al's Mum when she visited.  Squeaky will be missed terribly but at least she is now with her long time pal Bubbles...

Squeaky    (Finnshavn Alynns Black Diamond TD) 22 March 1994 to 5 March 2008


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Bubbles was truly the epitome of a Cardigan.  Full of herself and loving life to its fullest.  She loved to talk to anyone who would listen, even if you didn't want to.  Bubs, as her friends called her, whelped two beautiful litters and was also the first Cardigan, and dog, to earn her Canadian Kennel Club Tracking Title in the Yukon.  She loved to travel with Al.  He called her his little Monkey Face.  The two formed a bond that was rare and they were as one.  She is missed terribly and it was with a heavy heart when she departed...

Bubbles    (CH Finnshavn Alynns Ruby Red TD)  10 May 1994 to 1 February 2005


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Maggie was truly a gem in her own right.  When it came time to be with her humans she was always there.  This was a Cardigan that should have been raised in Switzerland as she loved to yodel, and did so when she was excited and happy.  Maggie's temperament was without doubt one of a gentle soul.  Maggie produced two lovely litters and was an adoring Mom to her charges.  Maggie left us at the tender age of twelve.  She forever brought a smile to those that met her...

Maggie    (CH Brymist Flaming Garnet) 21 March 1996 to 25 March 2008


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Samantha was a Cardigan that was just full of herself.  She loved life and was truly the clown of the family.  A really great Mom producing puppies that have a quiet nature, but like her - just full of beans!  When it came time to relax you could always count on Sam to be in your lap, nuzzled in the crook of your arm.  She will be sadly missed but will always remain in our hearts...

Samantha   (CH Welgem's Klondike Gold)  29 October 1998 to 21 December 2009


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Rosie was a rare gem indeed.  She loved Al and followed him everywhere.  Here she is in natural pose.  Cardigans simply love their youngsters and that goes far beyond the traditional eight weeks when most go on to their new homes.  Rosie adored her charges.  They don't come much better than what you see here.  Rosie had a gentle soul and her demeanour was a comfort to us.  Al was her human and he loved her equally...

Rosie   (CH Welgem's Fiery Opal) 11 March 1998 to 7 June 2010

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gina - august 2011
Gina, or to some Ginnie, was a real delight.  She loved to play and every opportunity she had she just had to let you know that she was around.  Of course her and her sister, Molly, were the best of pals, spending hours playing together.  She loved to cuddle with Gramps, Katie and her mom (Abby).  Gina had a lovely structure and was as sharp as a whip.  She was a true ambassador of the breed.  When Blue arrived Gina immediately took him under wing to mentor him into the Cardigan kingdom.  Gina left us at such a terribly young age.  She will be forever in our hearts as our "little one"...
Gina        (Welgem Fiery Tourmaline) 13 August 2010 to 6 November 2012

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Brandy's had ears that were without doubt one of the largest we have seen.  When she was tired her ears dropped sideways and she resembled Yoda from Star Wars.  A young gal at heart she was full of life and mischief.  Brandy did not take second seat to anyone.  She was a Cardigan that had impressed the judges in the Show Ring as an outstanding example of the breed, winning four group placements over two weekends on her first major outing and in 2004 Best Canadian Bred at the Canadian Cardigan Corgi National Specialty held in Whitehorse.  Brandy whelped 15 offspring and was the proud grandmother of 29, all of which are just as enchanting as she was...

Brandy    (CH Finnshavn Yukon d'or Brandy) 13 February 2002 to 3 December 2012

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Steffi is Maggie's daughter in every respect.  She so closely resembled her Mom when she was younger that it was nigh impossible to tell them apart.  Steffi always turns heads as she makes her presence known.  A small dog with a big heart, she is a ball of fire, easy going and will continue to uphold the Cardigan as dogdom's best kept secret.  When Steffi crossed the Bridge she held the scepter as the matriarch of the pack - a job she has always wanted and is well suited for...
Steffi    (Welgem's Little Olympic Gold) 4 January 2002 - 13 January 2014

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molly - august 2011 Molly, now here was a delightful Corgwyn.  She always struck a beautiful pose.  If you took her colour away and replaced it with brown brindle she would look just like her Dad, Solomon.  Instead she was a gorgeous black brindle.  Molly, Mom (Abby) and sister Gina along with Angie never wasted a waking moment to not play together.  Molly was full of energy.  When she wanted to cuddle she knew that her humans were made just for her.  Molly had blessed us with four puppies, all of them just as lovely as she was.  Her grandmother Brandy simply doted on this lovely gem. Molly passed away attempting to deliver her second litter (none of the pups survived)...
Molly     (CH Welgem Starlight Diamond)  9 March 2009 - 27 March 2014

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Abby, as you can guess, is one of Brandy's girls.  A lovely sable, very fine boned and a personality all her own.  She delighted in keeping all the "big guys" on their toes and just loved to tease Byron, her great grandfather.  We never did inform her that she did not own the property.  This little one turned heads everywhere she went, with her big ears which were like sails and her great personality.  She was a real talker and a delightful addition here at Welgem.  Abby's first litter she surprised us all by delivering ten beautiful and healthy pups. Her second she brought into the world was a gang of eight.  All in all Abby whelped 29 puppies that looked just like her - truly beautiful.  The spark of the pack it broke more than one heart when she left us...we loved her infectious love of life...
Abby    (CH Welgem Amber Cognac) 20 February 2006 - 20 October 2014


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Katie (aka Peanut), was commonly referred to as Arizona Kate or Kate the Mate amongst the family.  She was as precious as they came.  We begun to think that black and white Cardigans simply love to cuddle, for sure Katie's favourite activity was that.  It remains to be seen whose ears were bigger - Katie's or Brandy's.  This was a girl that left a lasting impression on all who were touched from an encounter with her.  Katie loved to babysit puppies whenever she got the opportunity.  She was the great grandmoter to Molly and Gina.  She has had two love litters totalling 10 gorgeous pups.  Her greatest food passion was peanuts, a name that she was often referred to.  Katie is missed.  She will always be in our hearts.  She was 16 1/2 years young when she crossed the bridge.  Love you Kate...

Katie    (Aelwyd Welgem Apache Tears) 12 May 2002 - 21 November 2018

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Duncan for sure was a rare Cardigan, if not even a rarer dog.  This was a Cardi that simply loved life.  From the time he opened his eyes until he went to sleep he was active.  He hit the ground running and never stopped. He had a really sweet temperament and was simply a joy to have around.  When he ran he looked like Aylmer Fudd, legs flying everywhere.  He loved puppies, and in fact put most moms to shame with his care and attention.  Duncan was not a member of the Welgem family but on loan from his owner.  He was most fondly called Uncle Duncan or Uncle Duncledorf.  Duncan has left a void that will be nigh impossible to fill...

Duncan    (CH Finnshavn Duncan Sable) 9 March 2004 - 23 June 2017

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Blue Blue, now here was a boy that was just full of himself.  Sharp as a whip with a temperament that was not only warm and inviting but just oozed affection.  He was the crown prince  when Toby retired and passed him the torch.  He just loved to play and believe me that he enjoyed it to the fullest.  He loved Gina and followed her everywhere.  When she crossed the rainbow bridge Blue mourned her passing and spent quite a bit of time adjusting to her being gone.  He was the clown with the older gang who just loved his antics.  Steffi had taken it upon herself to watch over him, more to keep in out of trouble then anything.  The wait for Blue's offspring's was not in vain.  He had produced 2 lovely litters with Angie and Sammy totaling 23 puppies.  He died too young and will be sadly missed.  The pack is much quieter without Blue's presence...
Blue          (CH Shadowalk Star Sapphire)  2 March 2012 to 27 December 2018

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Toby, aka "The Crown Prince", named by the girls here at Welgem, was a delight.  He wass full of himself and had a temperament that was both inviting and warm.  He loved to play. He would spend hours amusing himself if he could not get the rest of the family involved in his antics.  When he was quiet and sleeping it was on his back.  His dreams were wistful ones.  Toby had sired 24 puppies and was a grandfather to thirteen lovely young ones. A dog with a truly great soul who graced our home with his presence...

Toby    (CH Welgem Emerald's Dynasty) 6 August 2004 to 15 August 2019

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Bubs likes to let everyone know she is around.  She is truly a sight to behold and is as striking as her mum Samantha and her dad Toby.  She has inherited a lot of similarities from her grandmother Bubbles, especially her love to 'talk'.  Like her mom she is full of beans and keeps all the older gang young at heart.  With the passing of Rosie, Bubs is rarely seen without her being beside Gramps.  Al calls her Ghost because all of sudden there she is.  Bubs and Abby are the best of pals, spending hours playing.  Bubs has whelped thirteen lovely puppies.  If you scroll down further you will meet her daughter Angie...

Bubs    (CH Welgem Ruby Red's Little Angel) 22 May 2005



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We are pleased to introduce to you Solomon, commonly referred to as Solly by his pals.  A lovely red brindle boy who has charm and character.  He delights in cuddling.  While he hails out of Alberta he adjusted to his new family and the Yukon like a typical Cardigan.  Solomon with his quiet demeanor will touch the soft spot in anyone he meets.  He is the proud sire of 46 lovely puppies to date.  He is now retired wiling away in his forever home in beautiful British Columbia.  Solly will be missed and will always hold a special place in our hearts...

Solomon    (Waibournes Solomon Grundy) 12 March 2006



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Angie is one of those Cardis you know you have to keep.  She is full of herself and loves to strut around with that "I am here - ready for anything" attitude; and boy does she have attitude.  Full of life; her every fiber wants to spend each waking moment exploring, playing and generally keeping each and every member of  the household on their toes.  She reminds us so much of her Great Grandmother Bubbles.  She is a very welcome addition to the family.  Like her mom, Bubs, she will ever be a precious gem.  Angie has blessed us with three lovely boys, one of whom is Bo...

Angie    (CH Welgem's Angel's Little Ruby) 11 July 2008

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sammy 31 mar 19  We are pleased to introduce Sammy.  Sammy is a black and white with tan tips (commonly referred to as a tri-colour).  This is a Corgwyn that immediately upon meeting her you fall in love with her personality.  She is very much a people person.  She is tied with Katie (her great, great grandmother) for the title of supreme cuddler in the family.  Outdoors she and Blue are the best of pals.  Chasing and running together, the two play for hours on end.  She definitely has her Mum's features (Molly).  She inherited both her calmness and love of humans from both parents, the other being TobySammy has given us a truly lovely litter of seven pups and a second litter of eleven.  As far as gems goes, Sammy is irresistible...
Sammy      (Welgem Emerald of the North) 21 February 2013

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bo 31 mar 19  Ah, Mr Bo Jangles.  Now here is a guy corgi that in the future will turn heads.  While in this picture is but 10 weeks old do not let his size fool you.  He may look dainty and perhaps a tad petite but we can assure you he is the real deal.  Bo is independent of mind, but he also likes to play, and play hard.  He has moments when he just likes to sit and reflect on his surroundings.  We have often seen him way in back of the yard, by himself looking about as if to say "what a lovely domain I have". We look forward to Bo to keeping the beginnings of our line alive and well.  He is a direct descendant of Bubbles and Byron (our foundation pair).  Bo has sired a litter of five with Molly.  All the pups have his attitude...
Bo      (Welgem Ruby's Mr Bo Jangles) 30 August 2014

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molly 31 mar 19  Molly, what a head turner.  She might be small but boy does she pack a punch of charm and enthusiasm.  It is hard to be an elder Cardi in the house with Molly around.  She continually manages to keep everyone young at heart and physically.  Cuddle - we are sure that when it comes to the definition taking her picture as a definition would be enough.  This little girl has tons of attitude - all of it positive.  Every morning she greets "her family".  She puts a smile on any human or dog just being around herMolly has blessed us with one litter of five lovely pups from Bo...
Molly   (Welgem Dravite Beauty)  18 September 2015 

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lucy 31 mar 19  Lucy is truly one of a kind.  Lucy came to us on the heels of Katie and Blue crossing the bridge.  In fact Katie passed away the day that Lucy was born.  She has brought energy back to the pack who had been mourning their loss.  Lucy is bright, quick to learn and keeps everyone on their toes.  She is adored by the whole pack, especially her Dad who is very protective of her.  Her best pal is Mr. Boots the wanna be corgi cat.  They play for long stretches and only quit when they just simply tire out.  Lucy has, and is, truly making her mark within and on the pack.  She has already won the hearts of her humans...
Lucy   (Welgem Onyx Lucy) 21 November 2018


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