Rosie with one of her pups 


Here at Welgem we take pride in the raising of our puppies.  We follow the Monks from New Skeet program and offer a glowing testimonial to the temperament of our pups as a result.  We expose the puppies to stimuli from the first day they are born.  After the first three days we encourage visitors to come and hold the puppies so that they become used to human contact.  As the pups grow we increase their neurological stimuli by exposing them to different climates, sounds, smells and sights for short durations, increasing the time duration in each subsequent exposure.  Our home becomes an open door for people of all description, shapes, sizes and age.  By seven weeks the pups are well adjusted to humans and as many different environments that they will normally come into contact with in their day to day lives.  This socializing is vital to ensuring that the pup has a good start to life.


Cardi Pups at 5 weeks

Crate training is a critical element to a pup's well being.  A crate should not be viewed as some form of imprisonment or unnecessary confinement.  Rather think of the crate as the pup's sanctuary where it can take refuge and have time to itself.  It is also added protection for you, knowing that puppy is safe when you are sleeping at night.  All our pups leave fully crate trained and most importantly, ready to travel.  Our handbook goes into much more detail regarding crate training and the many benefits derived from the use of a crate.

Breeding is the singular most important aspect at Welgem.  The selection of the right parents for both conformation and for temperament is critical.  That does not mean that every puppy whelped will be a Show Dog.  What it does mean is that there is a very excellent chance that a Welgem puppy, whether it be of  Show Dog or a family pet, will be a well adjusted dog and will be free of any known hereditary diseases.  



Six Week Old Cardigan Puppies

Great excitement fills our home when one of the girls is expecting.  It does not matter how many litters we have had over the years the birth of new puppies is always filled with wonder and expectation.  We are never disappointed with the quality of the pups and the warm and affectionate disposition that Mum shows to her new charges.  We are also careful not to breed too often with the girls.  In fact we generally have but one litter per year and on a rare occasion two.  We rarely allow the girls to have more than two litters and then we retire them.  For us it is more important to breed for quality then for quantity.

Being a breeder means being a responsible breeder.  Every puppy is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club CKC, of which we are members.  We are also proud and very active members of the Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club CCCC, which is the national club that represents the breed here in Canada.  Welgem is a registered kennel under the Pedigree Act of Canada through the CKC.  Our commitment to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed is life long and one we are proud to be involved in.  These are truly wonderful dogs and dogdom's best kept secret from the world.  Please take the time to view some of the pictures at Welgem and enjoy.  



 Last Updated:  22 June 2020